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Atlas Booth


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Newest Release

Ruffled Souls (2021)

The evocative and clear-eyed pieces of poetry contained in this volume show glimpses into lives often overlooked, weaving perspective-shifting connections between the subject and the reader. In a world increasingly separated across lines of difference, the ability to see ourselves in each other that these works impart is a refreshing and inspiring change. It showcases love, loss, and ultimately, hope.


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  #1 in LGBTQ+  Day of Release


Atlas Booth creates an immersive collection of poetry that spans through a range of topics. His words are beautifully written. It's also a quick and easy read. Perfect for travelling and you can turn to any page and find something magical on it. I recommend buying a paperback copy to keep everywhere you go!

Brennan on Ruffled Souls via Goodreads

(South Africa)

Praise & Reviews

Powerful New Voice -

This lovely little volume of poetry was deeply moving to me. The poet's ability to define the stories around him was a much-needed perspective. These poems are touching, thought-provoking, and will leave you with a sense of warmth.

Lex Ographer on Ruffled Souls via Amazon


In this poetry collection Atlas Booth brings up topics that really touched me on a personal level bc I can relate to it.

It is a mixture of timeless themes as well as very relevant themes about society, identity and the struggles we face today in a very relatable way that got really to me and brought me to tears.
There are poems that aren’t happy, and he found a way to express all these complicated feelings in our chests into words that hit close to home. On the other hand he also gives us poems of reassurance, of hope.
They are very relevant to our time and I like his way with words. I felt seen and understood. I‘m glad I got a chance to read his poems.

I am looking forward to read more from him in the future.

Bookworm on Ruffled Souls via Amazon



A nurse by day and a writer whenever possible; Atlas Lincoln Booth is an author from Cape Town, South Africa. Influenced by Ogden Nash and Melinda Sue Pacho, his works tend to showcase human emotions through trauma and everyday life.

He is a Co-Editor, Co-Creator and Reader of The Viridian Door, as well as a Volunteer Reader for Taco Bell Quarterly.


His first book of poetry, Ruffled Souls, is out for purchase on Amazon and other bookstores.

(available to view here).

His Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction are also featured in several Literary Magazines and Zines.

(available to view here).

Upcoming works can be viewed here.

When he isn't working, he is gaming, reading and watching series.

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